Our public defense against Jean Wilson Roberts' criminal libel

We deem the text on this site to be both true as well as in the public interest, since we have 100,000+ customers
and millions of potential customers and the phenomenon of "revenge-libel" is widespread and highly damaging.
Everything on this page are not statements of independently established facts but our own opinion, based on the
arguments below and how we remember/interpret the events.

Note to our web host, registrar and law enforcement: We have repeated, very explicit, active contractual permission from Jean Wilson Roberts to publish her private details such as her address and photos of her face. Our records show that her permission was initially actively given on 2021-11-25 03:10:42 from IP address and again via submitting her digital signature on 2024-02-17 21:40:17 from IP address - mere days, resp. weeks before she in our opinion committed more than a dozen offenses against our company and/or staff, and we think eight different types of offenses were committed. Before we created this page, she was informed that this page would be the consequence of committing offenses against ourselves as per contract and she offended and kept offending regardless. Our store's "PAY" button only appears after explicitly digitally signing this contract:


Jean Wilson Roberts went on a "defamation rampage" against our founder by filing a false Police complaint for Stalking as well as a false BBB complaint for the same. She also made those, and other false claims on TrustPilot. Interestingly, she herself was arrested for stalking, trespassing and then beating up a person in their own home and resisting arrest.

Jean Wilson Roberts


This woman is a social worker for young clients and we can prove that she should not be near emotionally 
or physically abused young people or people with PTSD and we can provide detailed evidence for this opinion.
We can prove with a conversation she had with someone, relating severe physical and emotional abuse that she is a
Malignant Narcissist without any regard for human suffering and highly likely to inflict such abuse herself.

We created this page to have a public defense against Jean Wilson Roberts' public defamation of our company

These are the crimes, Jean Wilson Roberts is in our opinion guilty of, against our company/staff:

► Libel

► Stalking

► Harrassment

► Filing fraudulent Police report(s)

► Criminal Copyright violation (with intent to cause severe damage)

► Doxxing of name & address of our principal(s) on one of the largest websites in the world and accusing that person of crime(s) and having a mental illness

► Creating multiple knowingly false defamatory "reviews" anonymously, hiding her identity under various fake TrustPilot accounts so that our TrustPilot rating would drop significantly

► Thinly veiled intimidation with violence: She said she'd fly to us where we live in the Czech Republic to be here for a "criminal trial" against us, but then she said she in fact reported us to the UK Police and not to the Czech Police, making her stated reason to fly to the Czech Republic untrue. Note that she has allegedly recently broken into someone's home and assaulted and injured this person in an impulsive bout of aggression and she even fought the arresting officers. "They are all corrupt" she said. "I am innoccent".


Chronology of events

● Jean Roberts emailed us a support request, in spite of us having asked her not to but contact our support page instead. She quoted our own email, which contained the answer to her query. We then placed a temporary block on her store account so that she would contact us and we could discuss the matter.

● Jean later asked to be unblocked and we explained why we blocked her. Instead of saying she would not send us emails anymore (the least we could expect, since she also asked a superfluous question), she immediately became beligerent and made veiled threats to destroy our reputation.

● We googled her name and the above mug shot came up, showing she's a violent criminal. We then warned her that she'd explicitly signed the clause in our T&C, stating that if she would commit an offense against us, that we'd publicly "doxx" her for that.

● She then immediately admitted to filing a Police complaint against our Director for criminal harrassment and Stalking and told them we made her fear for her life. She also admitted to having filed a BBB complaint against our company, claiming we were a criminal organization. At that stage we had not "doxxed" her in any way, but proceeded to show every 100th customer filing a support request her "doxxing" for libel. At most two dozen people/year will see that without Google indexing so the "public-ness" is restricted to our own website and our own customers and no one, googling her name would find our public exposure of her offenses.

● Jean Wilson Roberts then immediately started creating 1-star TrustPilot reviews full of false, highly defamatory claims. We kept flagging them for clibel and TrustPilot kept asking her to delete the lies and she kept rephrasing the same libel. She also sent us approx 200 private emails, harrassing and threatening us. "Has the Police come to arrest you yet?" etc. and threatening to get our company shut down. We warned her that if she would not cease & desist that we'd publicly "doxx" her on a site - this site - we would make. As per her explicitly given permission. She even said: "Go ahead, put my mugshot on your page, I don't care". She kept taunting us and kept reoffending, so we created this site in our defense. TrustPilot does not allow a sufficiently lengthy rebuttal or several types of relevant evidence and she keeps deleting and re-creating her reviews and we lose our rebuttal every time so we'll simply link to this page instead. Her libel is highly public on a very highly trafficed site and anyone googling for us will find her defamatory falsehoods. It is appropriate to have our defense public as well.

It's clear to us that Jean Wilson Roberts is a dangerously disturbed individual. She emailed our founder more than 100 times (after having been asked many times to stop doing that) and said things like: "Now I understand why God ordered me to speak to you. Your reign of Terror ends with me. I am the Truth. Why are you so afraid of Truth? I am The Truth and will bring Truth to you!" "I am intelligent and tenacious. It ends with me!"